Ex-Pro White Series

Ex-Pro White Series

What is the difference between Ex-Pro Power Plus+ and Ex-Pro White Series ?

Ex-Pro white series is not just a different colour, our white cell battery is produced to Category A+ standards which means that they are the same mAh (or better in some cases) than the original manufacture battery. This series has been produced to the highest possible mAh capacity (The amount of charge that can be held in the Cell in question) - if you see cell's quoted higher this battery mAh capacity - this claim will be a fake claim as it's simply not possible to create a higher mAh (we have already pushed all our white cell series to limit of manufacture capability this means in some cases the same as the OEM manufacture (as this is the limit) and in other cases 5-15% better capacity).

Dual protection. Ex-Pro White series has dual protection ciruits, over-heat, over-charge and short circuit break protection ensuring that when used on a charger or in situ that your equipment is protected. The battery will fail circuit if there is any issue and protect your camera from surge, over current etc just like the original battery.

Reliability. Ex-Pro White cell's and indeed all our battery cell's are produced to CE EU Battery standards, Ex-Pro are registered battery producers all our units have CE approved certification, Environmental UK Tariff paid - whilst many batteries claim these "standards" often if the unit shipped from outside the UK the company selling to you effectively bypasses UK regulations (customs will very rarely stop you from importing a single or few batteries) if you personally import them from overseas how do you really know it's certification level and the mAh quoted - is it real or just a label and if the mAh is a false claim what about the certification ? Are you prepared to take that risk ?

Pre-Tested. Ex-Pro White series are pre-tested with charge and dis-charge prior to packing at factory level, 3 times to ensure they are in fully functioning condition prior to delivery.

The Price. Yes, a little more expensive than our regular Power Plus+ series batteries, but often better rated and we feel with added value. In comparison to original manufacture prices, vastly cheaper and in comparison to leading brands claiming quality batteries, tested and clearly better performance.

Warranty. Ex-Pro White series have a 2 year defect warranty. Once returned and tested if the unit is faulty through manufacture we will replace the unit free of charge.