How to use APF (Advanced Product Finder)

How to use APF (Advanced Product Finder)

Find the right product for your equipment.

You need a part for your equipment ? We know there are thousands of parts and many thanks to the manufactures with similar names, similar part numbers and in some cases identical part numbers but completely different products.

We can help. If you visit the home page of our site (You can get there by clicking our logo) you will see the main page as a search facilitiy which looks as follows :-

Search Facility

Although we provide a quick search product box, this can result in a deluge of products which will have a "similar" name or part number to the one required, so we recommed using our advanced product finder APF for short.

The APF allows you to select your equipment type (Eg: Digital Camera) then the manufacture (Eg: Canon) and finally the model number of your camera (often found on the underside of your equipment).

Selecting this parameters then clicking search will display all the compatible items we stock for your equipment, ensuring the right part is select for your unit.

If you find you complete this and nothing can be found but are sure we would stock it, you can always select live help and ask one of our service help agents for assistance or you can click "contact us" let us know the Manufacture, model number and what you need and we will point you to the part directly.