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Ex-Pro Products Ltd is a long established leading UK Company for Power, Connectivity and charge products. With over 5 Million customer served in the past 3 years we are proud of our British Heritage and customer services and support, all of which are based in the United Kingdom !

As a UK Company we continue to support a diverse product range ever expanding and developing into new innovative ranges and always maintaining quality. Our pricing is quite often the lowest for our own brand products, if you find similar of the same quality and standard let us know and we will see what we can do. How is this possible, simple economies of scale, we manufacture and direct retail our products.

Our products are produced to "A class standards" which means our Cell's are the same standard as the original cell and in most cases are produced to the maximum capacity. Our chargers are fully CE approved, have built in protection circuits and perform as they should. Please take care when purchasing online - cheaper is not necessarily the best value sadly there are many items which are copied (and look similar) to our own designs on the internet which are produced to a much lower specification often shipped from outside the UK's boarder and Trading Standards control. Whilst we try to be the best value we can possibly be, our products are compliant, we are often met with customers asking the same question from certain websites and the answer quite often is - corners are cut at the cosumers cost. Always check where your product is shipping from.

We are always looking for customer feedback or product suggestions, please drop us a line or contact us through the contact us page. Over 5 Million Served !